Bookkeeping and Accounting


Bookkeeping includes recording all of the day-to-day transactions of your business.

Using the actual documents, such as invoices, cash slips and bank statements, your dedicated bookkeeper will process these into an accounting system which will then be reviewed by your accountant.


Your accountant will review the allocations and ensure that each transaction has been processed correctly. After all the queries are resolved and adjustments made, your reports will be compiled and delivered to you.


Accounting Software System, such as Pastel Sage One online accounting or Pastel Partner

  • Training, installation and support are included

Recording all your Business Transactions

  • Sales to your customers
  • Purchases from your suppliers
  • Capturing cash slips from petty cash
  • Bank transactions, receipts, debit orders and card swipes

Payroll and Basic HR

  • Payslips
  • Recording leave days, sick days, and holidays
  • Tracking loans and repayments
  • Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses
  • Structuring salaries, bonuses and fringe benefits
  • IRP5’s at the end of the tax year and when an employee resigns

SARS Submissions

  • Monthly payroll taxes (PAYE,UIF & SDL) – EMP201
  • Bi-monthly VAT return – VAT201
  • Bi-annual payroll taxes reconciliation EMP501

Accountant Supervision

  • All transactions are reviewed for maximum tax efficiency;
  • Has VAT been claimed on allowable expenses?
  • Have all 30 tax breaks for small business been explored?
  • Have we advised on all tax deductible expenses that can be claimed?
  • Assessment of your accounting policies and controls
  • Adjustments and corrections

Monthly reports (Management Accounts)

  • Trial Balance – Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Customer and Supplier Age Analyses
  • VAT / Tax Transactions report

Meeting to Discuss the Numbers

  • We’re always happy to meet with you and go over your financial results so you can get a deeper understanding of what they mean for you. This is key to making the right business decisions.

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Predicting future expenses and revenue
  • Variance analysis – understanding your actual results against the budget

Accreditation & Adherence

Draftworx Accounting and Audit Software for Accountants
Saiba South African Institute of Business Accountants
SAIT South African Institute of Tax Practitioners
South African Revenue Service SARS