Tax Management

At Evergreen Accounting, we’re very enthusiastic about reducing your taxes and we explore every allowable tax deduction and tax break that may apply to you and your business.

Unlike many other tax practitioners, we don’t simply submit your tax return – we do a complete analysis so you don’t pay a cent more than you have to. At Evergreen Accounting, our tax experts have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of Rand a year in tax that is legally and ethically avoidable, using simple tax management strategies.

Do you want to pay less tax?

Bookkeeping includes recording all of the day-to-day transactions of your business.

Using the actual documents, such as invoices, cash slips and bank statements, your dedicated bookkeeper will process these into an accounting system which will then be reviewed by your accountant.

Tax Returns

Our tax department is able to calculate and submit all the tax returns for individuals, directors and companies.

If you’re paying too much tax but you’d rather be enjoying more of your profits, then make a tax management appointment by email to

Or call Jonathan on 011 025 9900.

Let me tell you a true story…

It is about a client, who we’ll call Peter. Peter started a small business in 2010. He did the right thing and appointed Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors to take care of his financial affairs.

Every month he paid his bills. After more than a year he received an envelope via courier with his Annual Financial Statements. He was happy to get something for the money he’d paid but didn’t quite understand what the report was saying. The bottom line was that he doing very well and had made over a million in sales.

This went on for a few years, and Peter thought that this was normal because he trusted that his accountants had his back. They’re professionals after all. However, the relationship deteriorated when they informed Peter that they were behind with his work by a couple of years. This didn’t go down well with Peter, who then contacted us to take over.

To complete 18 months of accounting and compile the financial statements took us about 150 hours. We did a complete assessment and carried over the prior year figures. Peter was shocked to learn that he had accumulated a whopping R1m tax bill over three years, which he had to pay to SARS.

How does such a thing happen ?

  1. His accountants did not report on time (once a year is not enough), nor take sufficient interest in this “small” client to help him prevent this.
  2. There was no exploration of the 30 tax breaks for small business during the 5 year relationship, which if implemented properly could have saved Peter up to R65,000 a year.
  3. Many tax deductible expenses were not put through the business, even though they were legitimate expenses. Nobody bothered to ask or advise him. That would have saved him an additional R90,000 per year.

Here’s how :

  1. Even though he was billed in arrears, there were no accruals to reduce his tax liability.
  2. He was using the wrong business type for his revenue, which had he changed at the right time, would have cut his total tax bill by 31%.

If Peter had come to Evergreen Accounting from the beginning, we would have given him:

  1. Certainty and comfort knowing his financial position every month.
  2. Access to his dedicated bookkeeper 24/7.
  3. An accountant that meets and discusses his business with him every month.
  4. Efficient tax management strategies in place that would have saved him over R500,000

Luckily for Peter, we were able to assist by:

  1. Matching our service fees to the correct periods in the financials, thereby reducing profit and tax.
  2. Approaching SARS on his behalf for a Voluntary Disclosure Program.

This lightened the cash outflow burden through monthly installments to pay off his tax debt.

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Accreditation & Adherence

Draftworx Accounting and Audit Software for Accountants
Saiba South African Institute of Business Accountants
SAIT South African Institute of Tax Practitioners
South African Revenue Service SARS