Business Coaching

Business coaching is included our accounting service packages. Watch this 1 minute video for more...

Unlike other business coaches, I have a strong grounding in the numbers and many years personal experience as an entrepreneurs. I am actively involved with the planning and accounting functions of many businesses, and see first hand what works, and what can destroy an organisation.

As your business coach I help you gain control, understand the risks, and make good decisions that result in growth and sustainable profits. Its not fuzzy, vague and weak. I provide analysis of your situation in appropriate depth and breadth, with solid real-world support.

Business Coach

Jonathan Turpin

  1. Certified Business Coach (IBG – Institute For Business Growth, USA)
  2. Certified Executive Coach, (CEC, Center for Executive Coaching, USA)
  3. Certified Guerrilla Marketing Business Advisor, (Guerrilla Marketing Institute, USA)
  4. CIMA Cert BA (Chartered Institute of Managment Accounting, Certificate in Business Accounting, UK)
  5. Post Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership (BSBM, UK)

With 15 years experience in micro enterprise development covering all areas of business, focusing on product development, sales & marketing and accounting.


What is the cost?

I can make a fair guarantee that your benefit will be 5x to 10x greater than your investment over 12 months.

As my coach says to me, coaching is not an expense, its an investment. When you invest in coaching you get a partner in your life and business that only has one agenda – your success.

I like helping people to succeed, and welcome an opportunity to demonstrate the value and go over your needs in a personal, no-obligation consultation.

My coaching fee for anyone who is not an accounting client on a monthly retainer is R950 per hour.

What to do next?

Contact me via email with your query, or give me a call. I look forward to discussing your project with you and finding solutions to your most pressing business issues.